Sunday, May 13, 2012


APC 2K12 in commemorating National Revival Day
20 May 2012, Aula Gedung C FISIP UNIVERSITAS AIRLANGGA, 09.00-16.00
Special perform by JFLOW (@Jflowrighthere), from Provocative Proactive Metro TV

Final Airlangga Politic Competition
Photography Exhibition
Talkshow by JFLOW 
Stand Up Comedy by JFLOW and Surabaya
Ica Idol (Finalist Indonesian Idol 2010)
Saman Traditional Dance
Awarding of Airlangga Politic Competition
IDR 25K with certificate and snack :)

(Rendra) Rendra Graha Utomo Putra 085730095695 or 23176B76
(Farah) Farah Oktafiani 085732702925 or 23325BBA
(Sasa) Meyrza Ashrie Tristyana 081703690056 or 25F1DAF4

Twitter: @PolitikUnair
Facebook: APC 2K12


Mrs. Cold, by Kings of Convenience. It makes my boyfriend call me baby, even before I'm dating with him. But I still don't know what its meaning. I'm not sure how much meaning I would put on the title Mrs. Perhaps it just sounds better to sing than Ms. Cold. Regardless, I'm no ice princess but I can relate to the character in this song. Feeling vulnerable around someone, never being able to stay (or even get) mad at them, wanting them, not knowing how to express that and feeling like they don't want you anymore (or never did). So you make yourself feel more in control by putting up an cool and confident front to make them think you don't need or want them anymore either. I especially love the line "didn't know you had it in you to be hurt at all." Such a huge part of the equation, not wanting whoever it is to know that they have the ability to hurt you.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Yes I'm 21 now! And done with 3 days birthday party with besties, boyfriend, and family.. They are super duper hyper asdfghjkoool hahaha! They (with my lecturer) made an awesome videos, and my boyfriend wraped it to be mooore awesome (I'll post it later)! I love it! I love them!
Many thanks to Mom (my superhero), family (with their lots of gift), my besties (Dio, Finta, Demita, Novi, Reza, Anggun, Febi, Meri, Almas, Nesi, Taufik, Tya, APC crew, and many more), my boyfriends's pals (Dikung, Combro, Bram, Yapen, Ayib, Aga, Latan, Fafa, Hendro, and everyone who helped him disappeared for 3 days), mas Ash (for took my boyfriend from the train station and then bought me a delicious chocolate cake with 21 candles), my lecturers (especially Pak Hariyadi), HOP Coffee (for great moments everyday), all my friends wished me by any sosnet, text, and messenger, and all that I can't write it down here..
And thanks for sweet wishes from Om Adrie Subono. It's 3rd year he wish me a happy birthday :)
And God, thanks for uncountable precious things for this 21 years!

Well, God.. I have everything I need in my life, so what could I ask for more?