Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Yes I'm 21 now! And done with 3 days birthday party with besties, boyfriend, and family.. They are super duper hyper asdfghjkoool hahaha! They (with my lecturer) made an awesome videos, and my boyfriend wraped it to be mooore awesome (I'll post it later)! I love it! I love them!
Many thanks to Mom (my superhero), family (with their lots of gift), my besties (Dio, Finta, Demita, Novi, Reza, Anggun, Febi, Meri, Almas, Nesi, Taufik, Tya, APC crew, and many more), my boyfriends's pals (Dikung, Combro, Bram, Yapen, Ayib, Aga, Latan, Fafa, Hendro, and everyone who helped him disappeared for 3 days), mas Ash (for took my boyfriend from the train station and then bought me a delicious chocolate cake with 21 candles), my lecturers (especially Pak Hariyadi), HOP Coffee (for great moments everyday), all my friends wished me by any sosnet, text, and messenger, and all that I can't write it down here..
And thanks for sweet wishes from Om Adrie Subono. It's 3rd year he wish me a happy birthday :)
And God, thanks for uncountable precious things for this 21 years!

Well, God.. I have everything I need in my life, so what could I ask for more?